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Himari High Grade Shiraore

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The bright green shade of this Shiraore is filled with refreshing umami notes with hints of steamed asparagus and barley. Easy to drink, perfect for cold brews.

This high-grade kukicha, or Shiraore, is a great offering from the Yame region in Japan. It can be enjoyed throughout the day, as a nice afternoon tea, a refreshing cold brew, or iced tea. 

Net Weight: 100g
Origin: Yame, Japan
Grade: High-Grade Shiraore
Organic: Yes
Conservation: 1 year unopened
Optimal Tasting: Within 6 weeks after opening
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Himari High Grade Shiraore Loose Leaves Inoue Tea
Himari High Grade Shiraore

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About The Producer


The tea factory of Nakayama family has been in operations for 70 years in Higashi Sonogi. Their tea fields cover about 600 ha. The Nakayama family is strongly committed in favour of practicing an environment-friendly agriculture.

To preserve their land and its soil, they use only organic fertilisers that they prepare themselves. To fight against a failing domestic demand for green tea, the Nakayama family works hard to improve communication and build partnerships with other tea farmers as well as actors in other industries.
They organize regularly workshops about green tea and wish to make their area better known overseas.

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Customer Reviews

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Looking forward to trying out these new te...

Looking forward to trying out these new teas. Everything came packed so nicely and there was a free item in the box! Wonderful service, thank you!

Light and delightful. It makes a wonderful...

Light and delightful. It makes a wonderful cold brew

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