Minoware 美濃焼

Japanese teacup
It is our passion to bring pottery present pottery that reflects the taste of and history of Japan’s thousand-year tea culture. Our teaware is handmade by small kilns and families continuing the tradition of Japanese pottery. Known as Mino ware, or Minoyaki 美濃焼 refers to Japanese pottery that was produced in Mino Province around the towns of Tajimi, Toki, Mizunami, and Kawagoei in Gifu Prefecture.

A key characteristic of Mino ware is its variety, rather than a single style of format, there are more than 15 different styles that have been developed over time to the present day.

Minoyaki is the oldest pottery found in Japan and originated in the 7th century. During the 15th-century, Sengoku period, craftsmen greatly improved heat efficiency. The results were later seen in the Japanese tea ceremony and Ikebana. Kizeto (yellow), Setoguro (black), Shino (white/red) Oribe (green) are all examples of Minoware in which creativity and traditions are showcased.