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Our matcha tea utensils combine craftsmanship with function and work in harmony together to prepare delicious cups of matcha. 

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Our Promise

  • First Harvest

    All of our teas are imported directly from Japan’s tea farms, where traditional farming and harvesting methods have been used for hundreds of years.

  • Small Batch

    Each unique, single-cultivar tea variety is picked, prepared, and carefully packed for optimal freshness.

  • Natural

    Pure, single-origin loose-leaf tea with no preservatives, added colors, or flavors.

Explore The Types of Japanese Tea

  • Sencha

    Sencha (煎茶) is produced from the first and second flushes of the stem, shoot, and part of the opened leaves from the green tea plant and then steam-pressed. The tea plant for sencha is grown under full sunlight which gives the tea leaves a greenish-golden color with natural tasting notes. 

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  • Genmaicha

    Made from roasted brown rice with green tea. It produces a nutty aroma with the reduced bitterness of green tea.

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  • Matcha

    Matcha is a fine powdered green tea that is used during the tea ceremony. Matcha combines an elegant aroma and sweetness.

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  • Hojicha

    Hojicha (ほうじ茶) is a type of green tea that has been roasted over charcoal at a very high temperature. It carries a subtle sweetness and nutty flavor. 

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  • Gyokuro

    Gyokuro (玉露) translates to “Jade Dew” in reference to the color of the tea leaves. It is darker in color and when brewed, it has slightly sweet umami-tasting notes. Gyokuro is considered by many to be one of the highest grades of green tea in Japan. 

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  • Koucha

    Koucha (红茶) also known as Wakoucha contrary to green tea is an oxidized, fully fermented tea. The tea leaves are left to wilt for almost a full day and then rolled afterward for several hours. Wakoucha is called “red” in Japan and not black because of the beautiful orange hue it presents. 

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Organic Yakushima Sencha

Yakushima Island, Kagoshima, Japan

A blend of spring-harvested yabukita cultivar sencha green tea leaves from the island of Yakushima, Kagoshima, Japan.

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Our Story

Inoue 井上 started off as a vision, turned into a passion to share our love of Japanese Tea and Teaware with the world. We hope that by taking the time to prepare a cup of tea, one can take a break from their busy day and find peace within their inner self. 

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Great quality and just the shade of pink I was looking for 💜 Color is as pictured. Arrived quickly and was packed well. Seller is very personable. Their tea is delicious as well!


We are grateful for your upmost care for each customer. This is the reason we will always come back to you.

Anthony W.

You can tell Inoue Tea has a real passion for Japanese Tea & Teaware

Melissa A.

Excellent customer service and delicious tea! Many Thanks!

Chelsea K.

The customer service was amazing. They reached out about having a longer whisk and how it would look with a cup I wanted and helped me with all the questions I asked, they were super patient and kind as well. The product is even more beautiful in person. The shipping was amazing, came within the time frame listed, and all the packages that I ordered came protected amazingly.

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Wa Kei Sei Jaku(harmony, respect, purity and tranquillity) are the four principles of Chanoyu by tea master Sen Rikyu (1522-1591). They are the principles that practitioners of tea integrate into their daily lives.

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